You’ve never seen a personal ashtray like this.

The Mini Cigarette Butt Receptacle

Features and benefits aren’t something the average smoker is thinking about when buying a table ashtray, but our new Mini Cigarette Butt Receptacle is full of features usually found only on full size commercial cigarette butt receptacles. The two aspects that raise this personal ashtray above the rest are its large storage capacity, and its ability to quickly snuff out cigarettes while containing odors.  At just under 8″ tall, this ashtray can hold the butts and ash from more than 40 cigarettes, letting you spend more time relaxing, and less time lugging the ashtray to the trash to empty it.  The Mini also features an air tight dome top that can slide closed, completely sealing the receptacle.  Not only does this restrict oxygen flow so your cigarette extinguishes quickly, but it contains the smoker and odor, minimizing exposure to you and others.  Shaped like your typical large soda cup, this receptacle is easily carried around and should slide right into your car cup holder.


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